Efficient Irrigation Scheduling

Students will be introduced to water efficient irrigation scheduling practices including plant water requirements, irrigation system performance, soil moisture storage and weather based efficient scheduling. Topics covered include:

  • The cost of wasted water
  • Water requirement
  • Sprinkler performance
  • Soil properties
  • Weather based scheduling

Course Outline

Unit 1 Course Introduction

Unit 2 Cost of poor efficiency

Unit 3 Evapotranspiration Rate

Unit 4 Irrigation System Performance

Unit 5 Soils

Unit 6 Water Efficient Scheduling

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Determine a plant water requirement

2. Accurately calculate sprinkler performance

3. Identify soil properties that influence irrigation frequency needs

4. Create an accurate watering schedule based on Soil-Plant-Water relationships

Suggested Prerequisites

  • 3300 – Introduction to Irrigation and Installation
  • 3301 – Irrigation Technician’s Course
  • 3200 – Landscape Irrigation Design Process