Rain Bird Rewards Program

Program Overview: Under the Program, Participants earn Rain Bird Points when they purchase certain Rain Bird products from authorized Rain Bird distributors or from Rain Bird directly. (The term “Distributor” does not include mass retailers, home improvement centers, do‐it‐yourself stores, or other like entities, and therefore does not include companies such as Home Depot® and Lowe’s.®) Upon request, Participants can redeem their Points for rewards that may include but are not limited to: (1) Rain Bird Standard Bank Checks, (2) items ordered from the Member Guide, that may include but are not limited to professional apparel and accessories, merchandise and irrigation training, or (3) Distributor Credits.

Earning Rain Bird Points: Participants earn Points by purchasing qualifying Rain Bird turf irrigation products from Distributors in the United States (or in such other countries as Rain Bird may designate from time to time). The term “Turf Products” includes all residential, commercial, landscape drip and accessories products, but does not include golf, central control, agricultural or consumer products and parts, or any other products that Rain Bird designates as non‐qualifying. Information on qualifying Turf Products can be obtained at any time by contacting Rain Bird. To determine if a supplier is a Distributor, call 1‐800‐247‐3782. Points will not be awarded for products purchased from suppliers, including sub‐distributors, who are not authorized Rain Bird distributors. A Participant will begin earning Points with respect to purchases of Turf Products from Distributors made on and after the first day of the calendar quarter in which the Participant enrolls in the Program. Specifically, a Participant who enrolls in January, February or March will begin earning Points for qualifying purchases made on or after January 1; a Participant who enrolls in April, May or June will begin earning Points for qualifying purchases made on or after April 1; a Participant who enrolls in July, August or September will begin earning Points for qualifying purchases made on or after July 1; and a Participant who enrolls in October, November or December will begin earning Points for qualifying purchases made on or after October 1.

Using Points: Points can be redeemed for Items, Checks and Distributor Credits shown in the Member Guide or online redemption website for the Point value shown. Any individual who redeems points on behalf of a Participant represents and warrants to Rain Bird that he or she is duly authorized on behalf of the Participant to make such redemptions. To redeem Points, Participants must submit a completed Rain Bird Rewards Points Redemption Form, which is included in the Member Guide and is available online at www.rainbird.com/rewards. Participants may submit the Points Redemption Form to the Rain Bird Rewards Program Office by e‐mail or online. The amount of the request may not exceed the amount of Points shown in the Participant’s account at the time the Points Redemption Form is received by Rain Bird. Rain Bird assumes no responsibility for Points Redemption Forms or other documents that are delayed, lost or stolen in the mail. All Participants that receive rewards grant Rain Bird permission to use the participant’s name and likeness in marketing communications related to Rain Bird except where restricted or prohibited by law.

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