IVM 2-Wire Path Troubleshooting

This training will introduce students to Rain Bird IVM 2-Wire Control System.  Emphasis is given to grounding techniques and using a simple 2-Wire system setup for hands-on operation and troubleshooting 2-Wire system faults.

Course Outline

Unit 1 IVM 2-Wire System Overview

Unit 2 IVM 2-Wire System Design

Unit 3 IVM Grounding and Surge Protection

Unit 4 Troubleshooting IVM 2-Wire System Faults

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Identify 2-Wire system components.

2. Identify 2-Wire system layouts.

3. Properly ground a decoder system.

4. Troubleshoot a Short, Open and an Earth Ground Voltage Fault and a Non-Responsive IVM-SOL in the ESP-LX-IVM 2-Wire path.

Suggested Prerequisites

The participant should have working knowledge of the landscape irrigation system including sprinkler, valve, and controller installation.

Before the class session, each participant should have the following items*:

  • ESP-LX IVM Controller
  • Multimeter with an inductive clamp capable of testing milliamps with a precision of at 1.0mA or lower
  • Several IVM SOLs, two-wire, and wire splices

  • *It is not absolutely required; however, it is recommended in order to follow the instructor troubleshoot 2-Wire System faults.