Rain Bird Academy FAQs

What should I Wear to a rain bird academy event

Please dress casually, and more importantly, comfortably. Some event facilities may be cold, please dress in layers so you remain comfortable all day. We will be working with equipment in the classroom, and a few classes may also involve a brief activity outside, plan for the current weather conditions.

What is the distinction between Rain Bird Academy classes and Rain Bird Factory Trained classes?

Rain Bird Academy classes are non-manufacturer specific.  These types of training courses can be applied to all kinds of irrigation products and practices in the irrigation industry.  Rain Bird Factory Trained courses are based upon specific products and/or systems that are manufactured and sold by Rain Bird.

I am new to the irrigation industry and I want to learn as much as possible; however, I don’t know where to start.  What training courses do you recommend?

We recommend that you attend the courses that are bundled in what is called:  Boot Camp Classes

Introduction to Irrigation and Installation
Irrigation Technician Course
Landscape Irrigation Design Process
Efficient Irrigation Scheduling

These basic courses were selected to provide you with the practical and technical expertise required to begin installing irrigation systems immediately after training is complete.

Can I earn continuing education credits by taking Rain Bird Academy classes?

Yes.  Rain Bird Training Services is proud to be a Continuing Education provider for many States, Counties and organizations. Please click here to see more details.

Will I be certified after attending a Rain Bird Academy class?

You will receive a certificate of completion in the mail a few weeks after attending any Rain Bird Academy training class.

What is the difference between an irrigation license and an irrigation certification?

An irrigation license grants the legal right to perform irrigation work such as design, installation, and/or maintenance and repairs.  Not all areas require a license in order to work as an irrigation contractor.  Always consult local building codes for licensing requirements.

A certification is issued from an organization, such as The Irrigation Association, and helps to prove your knowledge on a specific topic and dedication to the irrigation industry overall.  A certification does not grant the legal right to perform irrigation contracting work.

Do I need to bring anything with me to a Rain Bird Academy class?

We will provide everything you need for class, including a workbook with room for notes that will be yours to keep after the class.  We will have pens, pencils, calculators, etc. available but you are welcome to bring your own as well.
Lunch is provided with all full day Rain Bird Academy classes and water will be available. You are welcome to bring any other snacks or drinks you would like to have throughout the day of class.

Am I going to be trained under real problem scenarios?

Yes!  All of our Rain Bird Academy trainers have significant experience in the irrigation industry and they will walk you through a series of real life scenarios.

I have been working in irrigation years, but I have not taken any classes or received any certifications.  Should I start from the Introduction class if I already know something about irrigation?

Even if you have years of experience, we suggest that you start with the Introduction to Irrigation and Installation class.  Even veteran irrigators tell us that they picked up valuable information in the introductory class that just isn’t conveyed with “apprentice” type learning in the field.

What are the benefits of taking a class from Rain Bird Training Services instead of training from another organization?

All Rain Bird Training Services instructors are professional educators, with over 55 years of combined teaching experience, over 70 years of irrigation field experience, and multiple certifications through The Irrigation Association and other industry organization.  The training classes are technical in nature and NEVER include a sales pitch for Rain Bird products.