Advanced Golf Irrigation Technician

This hands-on class is designed for the technical service staff with Rain Bird Golf authorized distributors.  Topics covered are some of the more infrequent issues experienced in the field with the Integrated Control System and valve-in-head rotors.  Hands-on activities are included to help you understand how to quickly provide a solution to your customer – the end user.

Course Outline

Unit 1 IC System Troubleshooting Overview

Unit 2 IC System Software Diagnostics / Testing

Unit 3 ICI Troubleshooting

Unit 4 2-wire Path Troubleshooting

Unit 5 ICM Troubleshooting

Unit 6 IC-Connect Programming and Troubleshooting

Unit 7 Valve-in-Head Rotor Troubleshooting

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Identify and locate wire faults in the IC System

2. Troubleshoot non-responsive ICM devices

3. Determine the cause of non-responsive components in the IC Connect System

4. Identify power supply issues with the ICI

5. Diagnose and eliminate failures with valve-in-head rotors

      a) Stuck on
      b) Will not activate
      c) Weeps water
      d) No rotation
      e) Incorrect adjustments

Suggested Prerequisites

  • 1200 – Rain Bird Factory Trained Golf Irrigation Technician
  • 1201 – Rain Bird Factory Trained Integrated Control System Technician
  • 1202 – Rain Bird Factory Trained Satellite Control System Technician