Central Control Sales Expert

This training will introduce and define the role of Rain Bird’s Central Control Products for commercial irrigation applications. Identification and association of all system hardware components will be presented for the Maxicom², SiteControl and IQ Central Control systems. Hands on installation activities include communication between each Central Control system and its associated components including the WS-PRO2 (Series) and WS-PROLT Weather Stations.

Course Outline

Unit 1 Introduction to CC Sales Expert Class

Unit 2 Anatomy of a Central Control System

Unit 3 Central Control System components

Unit 4 Central Control Interface

Unit 5 Satellite Controllers

Unit 6 Field Decoders

Unit 7 Weather Stations

Unit 8 Sensors

Unit 9 Grounding

Unit 10 Central Control Computer

Unit 11 Remote Desktop Management

Unit 12 Central Control Exercises

Unit 13 Remote Desktop Management

Unit 14 Central Control System Sales Presentation

Unit 15 Review & Examination

Unit 16 Course Evaluation

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Identify the three Rain Bird Central Control Systems for commercial use.

2. List the types of Field Interfaces used with Rain Bird Central Control systems.

3. State the types of Satellite Controllers used with Rain Bird Central Control systems.

4. State the difference between a traditionally wired Satellite Controller and a Decoder Controller.

5. Identify the types of Weather Stations used with Rain Bird Central Control systems.

6. Identify the types of Sensors used with Rain Bird Central Control systems.

7. State the grounding requirements for Rain Bird Central Control systems.

Suggested Prerequisites