Live Streaming – IQ4 Expert

This training introduces the IQ4 Central Control platform covering the irrigation controllers and components as well as the software program and its primary functions related to basic and advanced operation, monitoring, programming and reporting.  Exercises include connecting to irrigation controllers using a cellular communication cartridge. 

Course Outline

Unit 1 Overview of the IQ4 Central Control System

Unit 2 IQ4 System Components

Unit 3 IQ4 Communication Training

Unit 4 IQ-NCC Configurator Software Training

Unit 5 IQ4 Cloud System Setup

Unit 6 Controllers

Unit 7 Programs

Unit 8 Activity

Unit 9 Reports

Unit 10 System Status

Unit 11 Practical Exercises

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Setup, configure and program IQ-NCC-GP (Cellular) & EN Communication Cartridges.

2. Program and operate the IQ4 Central Control System Software.

3. Configure and operate IQ-Direct, IQ-Server and IQ-Client Satellite Controllers from the IQ4 Cloud operating platform.