SiteControl Operator

This software training is designed to introduce and instruct the end-user on the basic and advanced operation of the SiteControl Central Control system software. Emphasis is placed on three areas: 1) Database construction 2) Program writing 3) Daily operation and run time/flow log analysis of the irrigation cycle. This training also takes the user through the key points of the start-up process, effectively integrating Flo-Manager®, using databases for importing, establishing maps, troubleshooting, and incorporation of “smart” features into programs and schedules. This training is also designed for the Water Manager engaged in the business of irrigation system management and monitoring including discussions of soil, plant and water relationships and advanced ET based irrigation scheduling.

Course Outline

Unit 1 Introduction to SiteControl Operator

Unit 2 System Architecture (PowerPoint Presentation)

Unit 3 Startup Procedure

Unit 4 Site Pre-Work

Unit 5 Database Construction (Station Detail)

Unit 6 Database Construction (Site Data Builder)

Unit 7 Irrigation Scheduling Methods (Program Detail – Front Office)

Unit 8 Irrigation Scheduling Methods (Program Builder – Map Office)

Unit 9 Operations

Unit 10 Dry-Run Exercises

Unit 11 Monitor/Log and Site Data Views

Unit 12 FloManager

Unit 13 Database Backup and Restore Exercises

Unit 14 Advanced Operations

Unit 15 Weather Station – Smart Weather

Unit 16 Sensors

Unit 17 Miscellaneous Features

Unit 18 Review & Quiz

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Setup and configure the SiteControl software database in the Front Office and Map Office.

2. Create and edit Programs in the Front Office and Map Office.

3. Demonstrate how to conduct a Dry Run simulation.

4. Analyze and interpret runtime and other data using the Monitor/Log and Site Data Views section of the software.

5. Develop Programs using advanced ET Options.

6. Create Smart Sensors and Flow Sensors for use in the software.

7. Demonstrate how to set up and simulate the Rain Watch feature.

Suggested Prerequisites

  • This course requires a working knowledge of Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer operating systems.